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Who We Are

We’re a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in community solar subscription acquisition and management. We are passionate about educating businesses & individuals about how they can take part in solar.

We make the process of switching to renewable energy easy while saving on your utility expense. All with no upfront, or additional costs.

4 Reasons to Choose Us

Terasota is a Trustworthy and Experienced Partner in Providing Renewable Energy Services to Your Business.


Saves You Money

Save up to 10% per year off your electric bill. Savings go directly to your bottom line, making you more profitable.


Protects the Environment

Utilizing Renewable Energy produces less greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces air pollution. Join the corporate social responsibility movement and become more sustainable!


Demonstrate Social Responsibility

Be committed to the things that matter to your customers. Consumers want to do business with people who value both their profit, and the environment. When you subscribe to a Terasota solar project, you prove to your customers that you care about the things that matter to them.


Provides Economic Growth

When the economy thrives, your business does too! Spur economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more in your community! Encouraging growth in this sector will inevitably help your own company grow.

What We Do

We partner with businesses, solar developers, and your electric company to support solar energy without the need for adding complicated equipment. All with zero additional costs.

We make it incredibly easy for business, electric companies and solar projects to work together.

We manage all of the administrative and billing details so that you save money easily without the upfront cost of installation.

For Developers

For Developers

Are you a developer looking for subscribers? Let us fill your garden.

For Businesses

For Businesses

Are you a business looking to save on your electric bill, and offset your carbon footprint?

Support Locally Produced Solar Energy With Your Business and Reduce Your Energy Overhead.

Save Money. Save the Planet.

Dedicated to promoting clean energy and sustainability, and saving you up to 10% per year.









Jul 2019


Who We Work With

We work with businesses across all industries. Whether you’re a local shop with one location or a Fortune 500 company with locations in all 50 states, we have the ability to customize a plan for to participate in renewable energy projects nearest you quickly, easily, and all while saving you money.

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